Alopecia- Symptoms Causes Treatment and Diagnosis

Alopecia- Symptoms Causes Treatment and Diagnosis

Alopecia, also known as Patchy Baldness or Patchy Hair-loss, is most common among all hair loss diseases. In Alopecia victim starts losing hair from non-specific part of the body, leaving soft baldness behind. Hair Transplant is an effective way of treating Alopecia. So, how would you find an Ideal Clinic for Hair Transplant In Indore?

In Alopecia the hair-bearing skin is affected, by internal or external reasons of the body, and leaves baldness, followed by scars and patches.

Alopecia can affect men, women, children of any age, but is mostly found in youngsters ( less than the age of 20). It can affect any part of the body, however, most of the cases are accounted for hair-loss and baldness.

Scientific researchers based on hair-loss reveals that sometimes immune system behaves abnormally and can’t identify hair follicles as the genuine part of the body and attacks on it, resulting in the hair-loss. Although, it can not be the only reason behind Alopecia.

More than 1 million cases are registered every year, In India related to Alopecia, so, It becomes an important thing for us to be aware of its symptoms so ( If it occurs) we can have a better treatment.

How is a body affected by Alopecia or its symptoms?

  • Hair fall-out from any part of the body, leaving circled smooth scars and patches on the body.
  • A superficial fungal infection called Tinea Capitis occurs on eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows. Affected areas hair become short, dull, gayish and discoloured.
  • In some cases, hair becomes thinner and often break easily.
  • Sudden loss of hair, usually can result in complete baldness in men. Women don’t lose hair completely.
  • Victims toenails show small dents and dullness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Itching on hair-bearing areas.

What can cause Alopecia?

  • Abnormality In Immune System– Hair follicles are attacked by the immune system as it finds them as an un-genuine part of the body.
  • Inherited Genes– Sometimes it occurs due to inherited genes owned by the
  • Allergies– Allergies from certain food and fragrances can cause Alopecia to human
  • Certain Medications– Medications taken by patients with chronic disease like kidney failure, radiation and chemotherapy can cause sudden hair-loss.
  • Other Medical Terms– Other reasons of Alopecia could be Vitamin-A overdose, deficiency of iron, malfunction of the thyroid gland, fever, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy.

How It Can be Cured or It’s Treatment and Diagnosis.

The cure for any disease is only possible when the patient has performed his complete biopsy from Doctor, for the confirmation of the disease. Doctor asks several questions regarding disease and your medical history. Then, you can go for the further treatment. In the case of Alopecia following treatments are performed.

  • Hair Transplantation-Hair transplantation is a proven method of treating Alopecia and currently, PRP, FUT and FUE are such hair transplant treatments, mostly used nowadays.
  • Steroids– Steroid injection can be used for stopping the Alopecia and fastening the growth of hair. Steroids are available in other forms such as Many lotions, capsules and shampoos. Results of steroids are limited to the best.
  • Herbal Supplements– Supplements made of natural products are less harmful and provide regular and steady results on hair growth.
  • Photochemotherapy– In some cases, Photochemotherapy is used for treatment. It is the type of radiation treatment in which combination of oral medication and ultraviolet light is used.
  • Wear Hair-Pieces– Hair Pieces made from human or synthetic hair can be used on the scalp from preventing it from further infection from sunscreen, dust and pollution.
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplement– Hair falls occur due to deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals such as Vitamin A, zinc, and iron. Taking supplements can help in growing hair fast.
  • Consultation with Doctor– The victim must prevent from using drugs and hair-care products without any consultation with the doctor.

Hair transplantation is a mostly used way of treating Alopecia these days and becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people are so conscious of their look and style. Hair Transplant In Indore is performed by many surgeons and clinics. You will need a proper research and guidance before you go for hair transplantation.

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