Dental Treatment In Indore FAQ

1. Should we opt for teeth laminates or teeth whitening?
2. Is a laser rays treatment for teeth safe?
3. How frequently should we visit a dentist?
4. I have protruding teeth and would like to go for braces. How should I go about choosing the right one?
5. Is there a time gap within which an implant should be placed after losing a tooth?
6. How many sittings does teeth whitening take?
7. Is dental jewellery harmful to our teeth?
8. How can we differentiate between a good dental services provider and a bad one?
9. Are there any side effects of laser treatment?
10. Is cosmetic dental work expensive?
11. How many visits do I need to make to a dental clinic for teeth whitening?
13. I want to go for dental jewellery for one party. Can I get it done temporarily? Will it harm my teeth?
14. What is a tooth implant? Is it different from a conventional filling?
15. I want to get a better smile. Will it be permanent?


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