There are multiple treatments available to help you grow more hair or restoring lost hair growth but all are not that effective. The best way to add or increase hair on any ara is Hair Transplantation.

But have you ever imagined how much hair transplant costs? There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Both treatment and recovery come with a price. People who are looking for hair transplant cost in Indore must know that costing of hair transplant is affected by multiple factors.

How Much Hair Transplant Costs

The hair transplant cost varies on different numbers of factors and typically ranges from Rs. 75000-200000. The expense is all on you because insurance companies consider hair transplant as a cosmetic procedure.

Recovery Cost

Apart from the treatment cost, there can be additional recovery costs possible, you should take into account. These Include:

  • Pain medication during immediate recovery.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling at the surgical site
  • Antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection

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What Are The Cost Determinants

The Place You Live

cost can be affected by the place you live, mostly, costing is higher in metro cities than the small ones. Also, The relative cost of living in the area & the number of nearby surgeons offering the procedure can affect what a surgeon charges.

Procedure Type

There are two type of hair transplant procedures: FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction. The cost of both procedures can be different at various clinics.

Hair Requirement

Hair loss can reach to normal to severe stages and for each stage, the need for hair grafts for covering the bald area could be different. Cost increases as the number of grafts requirement.

Skill Of Surgeon

Consider it a common correlation: Charges increase as the more numbers of years added into the experience of the surgeon. But is not necessary that high cost means superior skills, so do your research properly.

Travel Cost

This is not something your surgeon will charge but still consider it a cost in case if you choose to take hair transplant from another city. you have to travel so far for finding best hair specialists, this should be considered in addition to the cost.

Role Of Grafts In Hair Transplant Cost

Hair graft is a terminology used for hair-bearing tissue that is transplanted into the scalp. A single hair graft can contain 1-4 hair units. Grafts can be harvested from all over the body but generally occipital scalp (back part of the head as donor zone) is used because the hair growth is sustained at that region.

In both Hair Transplant procedures, surgeons use different approaches to remove hair graft/follicles from the donor area. The cost of surgery highly depends on this factor because the more grafts are needed for covering the bald area, the price would be increased according to it. Generally, the price is labelled as ‘per hair graft’. In India per hair graft cost could be 35-50 Rupees per unit.

Consultation Is Important Part Of Cost Measurement

No surgeon can tell you the cost of hair transplant on a call. Even with your scalp photos, it is quite difficult to measure how many hair grafts are required for transplantation. It is important to have a face to face conversation where the doctor can see why hair loss is occurring as there could be multiple reasons. Later, according to your hair loss condition doctor prepares a suitable treatment plan and tell you the real estimated cost and if he has hair transplant EMI option available. So, pay the value of consultation as a vital part of treatment for getting successful results.