Lip Surgery Cost in Indore

Lip Surgery Cost in Indore

What Is Lip Surgery

The purpose of the lip surgery is to reduce excess volume of the lips and restore facial harmony. The procedure is called Cheiloplasty, can correct and uneven lines and other abnormalities of lips.

The lip surgery can be done by decreasing the thickness of large lips, making lips thinner or make them fuller. The lip surgery can be done for cosmetic reasons but for various reasons where larger lips may interfere in daily activities such eating and pronouncing certain words and rhymes. In the surgery first, surgeon decide the exact amount of alteration that would be made to lips. Once the patient is agreed local anaesthesia is given to numb the lip area. Then the incisions are made after precise calculation to reduce the lips size and create a beautiful lip line. Excess tissues and fat are removed. On another hand, Lip Augmentation can help in achieving fuller and plumper lips. These days, Dermal Fillers and lip implants are mostly used for the process

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Types Of Lip Surgery


Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation can make your lips fuller, plumper and give your lips a sensual and charming look. In Lip Augmentation Implants and Dermal Fillers are commonly used for enhancing the looks of lips and entire face. People who have thinner lips, it is a perfect treatment.


Lip Reduction

The procedure is for those people who think their lips are too large. In the procedure, surgeon makes a horizontal incision on the inside of the lip. Excess fat and tissue are removed and cut is closed with stitches. It can be useful in altering lower and upper lips as per the patient’s need.

Best Candidate For Lip Surgery

“With precise measurement, lip surgery can show amazing results that might change the overall look of lips and beauty your face. But are you a right candidate for the treatment?”

  1. Smiley face Individuals who are facing problems due to large lips in their daily activities-eating, speaking etc.
  2. Smiley face People with certain deformities as cleft lift and have lip conditions caused by accident or injury.
  3. Smiley face Candidate who have uneven lips and want to balance their upper and lower lips through surgery.
  4. Smiley face Who have realistic expectation about results, it can alter lips but not transform as you want.
  5. Smiley face People who have health conditions are normal, and not on any prescribed medicine or drug.
Lip Reduction in Indore

Benefits of Lip Surgery

Achieve Beauty Goals

People are nowadays looking for enhancing their facial beauty through cosmetic surgery procedures. Lips in a vital part of face and help in achieving specific beauty goals.

Permanency Of Results

Lip surgery procedure like Lip Augmentation and Lip Reduction provide permanent results. They are natural and long lasting in few months there would be no sign of surgery.

Natural Youthful Pout

Many tips and tricks can be applied using makeup, but they are temporary to improve lip appearance. Lip Augmentation and reduction can help you achieve a look of pout you want.

Why Marmm KliniK For Lip Surgery

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Certified Specialists

Our team of surgeons is highly qualified and are certified members of famous medical boards.
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Satisfactory Patients Care

We provide world-class care to patients from the day they enter to clinic till post-surgery care.
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New Tech Facility

Our clinic has latest equipment and technology available to perform any lip and cosmetic surgery procedure.


dimple creation in indoreRadhika Rathor
I had lip implants at Marmm and they still look completely natural. I got them to balance my upper lip with my lower one. They have never caused any problems and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about the surgery.