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What Is Hair Loss Treatment

In some cases hair specialists in Indore do not suggest to undergo hair transplant procedures when hair loss problem can be cured with alternative hair loss treatment procedures such as PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy.

Hair loss in women occur in different patterns than men and their affected area can be different too. Its difficult to find out the donor part as hair fall can occur at any part of the scalp. In such cases, PRP and Mesotherapy are considered an ideal treatment by hair doctors in Indore.
According to the hair surgeons, hair transplant is not the only solution to hair loss. There are some cases in which hair fall can be treated with PRP and Mesotherapy. Like people having weak quality hair growth, faced any physical or emotional stress, women after pregnancy, hair loss due to a hormonal disorder that deactivated the hair growth. In such cases, the body stops supplying important supplements to hair follicles that are required for hair growth. PRP and Mesotherapy restart this stopped hair growth.

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PRP Hair Loss Treatment

In Platelet-rich plasma treatment ‘Platelets’ are obtained from the patient’s own blood. Later platelets are injected into the scalp. Growth factors in platelets start the blocked hair growth process and in few weeks hairs start growing.

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Mesotherapy Treatment

In Mesotherapy treatment medications including vitamins, antioxidants, blood circulation-stimulating drug is transferred in hairs roots with the help of thin injector. It strengthens the existing hairs and aids new ones to come out from hair roots.

Women Hair Loss Treatment

PRP & Mesotherapy is an ideal treatment for women who are facing hair loss problem due to reasons where hair transplant is not an ideal procedure. Such as pregnancy, low quality hair growth etc. Women who are looking hair fall treatment in Indore.

Best Candidate for PRP and Mesotherapy

“PRP and Mesotherapy are the best treatments for hair loss problems as it takes less time to show results that are permanent. Below are the candidates who should go for these treatments for natural-looking results.”

  1. Smiley face Patients with ‘weak quality’ hair growth on a specific area can choose PRP and Meso for recovering lost hairs.
  2. Smiley face People having patches on the scalp after hair loss, and the process is still continuing.
  3. Smiley face Patients facing and thinning and balding from a specific timing should opt for the treatments.
  4. Smiley face Women after pregnancy and other physical trauma can recover hair growth with both treatments.
  5. Smiley face People who are facing hair loss due to Imbalanced DHT hormones are ideal candidates for treatments.
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Benefits of Hair Loss and Mesotherapy Treatment

No Surgical Cuts

PRP and Mesotherapy are hair loss treatments where no surgical incisions are made under the whole process. Important ingredients are injected through a small needle to the scalp, means no scars.

Outpatient Proce.

Both of the procedures take 30-90 minutes to be performed. In procedure, local anesthesia is given to make it painless. After procedure patients can go home, no need to stay overnight.

Natural Looking

PRP and Mesotherapy are treatments where hair growth is naturally stimulated with aid of growth factors. The results provided are natural looking that last forever, leaving no side effects behind.

Why Marmm KliniK For Hair Loss Treatment

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Genuine Advice

We provide the real advice who visit us, we guide them to take the best procedure available for their hair loss.
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Our vision includes providing world-class hair loss treatment in Indore to patients at a very affordable and effective cost.
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We perform the state of the art hair loss treatments with help of latest technology available in the market.


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