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What Is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed to enhance the physical appearance and improve breathing functions of the nose. Marmm is the renowned place for Rhinoplasty surgery in Indore.

People often lose their confidence and self-esteem due to the prominent and awful nose as nose comes at the centre of the face, makes it most visible part. Rhinoplasty in Indore can help such people improve its physical appearance and reshape, perfectly. Although Rhinoplasty can improve breathing problems such as Deviated Septum, widen airways, breathing obstruction, snoring and more. Rhinoplasty is a nasal based surgical procedure that alters the shape and functioning of the nose by removing excess tissues and bones. Rhinoplasty is also called Nasal surgery and Nose Job. The whole procedure is performed under local Anaesthesia to make it painless. Rhinoplasty is effective and serves both purposes cosmetic and Functional but mostly it is preferred by people for facial beautification reasons.

Types Of Procedures

Open Rhinoplasty: In open Rhinoplasty, also referred External Rhinoplasty, a small incision is made between nostrils underside of the nose that discloses the tip of the nose allowing surgeon to access alter the shape of lower and middle third of the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Closed Rhinoplasty procedure or Endonasal Rhinoplasty follows incisions performed to the internal part of the nostrils leaving no visible incision.The surgeons lift the skin underlying the cartilage and bone to reconstruct the nose as needed.

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Best Candidates for Rhinoplasty

“Rhinoplasty is the most complex cosmetic procedure of all. Also, everyone cannot be the right candidate for Rhinoplasty in Indore. We have given the people who are good candidates and can go for Nose Job.”

  1. Smiley face The best candidates are individuals who are looking significant improvement, not perfection.
  2. Smiley face The good candidates are primarily people whose facial growth has been achieved, not for younger people.
  3. Smiley face People who have proper health conditions and not on any serious prescribed medication.
  4. Smiley face Definitely, non-smokers are good candidates for Nose Surgery in Indore.
  5. Smiley face People who have realistic goals after the surgery, as Rhinoplasty will not transform your life.
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Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Enhanced Appearance

Research says when two people meet first they look into their eyes and then the nose. After a Nose Surgery, a symmetrical and straight nose adds attractiveness and charm to person’s face.

Improved Breathing

Rhinoplasty deals with internal and external part of the nose, surgically its shape and structure are altered that results in improved breathing and sorting out other functional issues of nose.

Increased Confidence

A misshapen, ugly & unattractive nose can loosen up your confidence as people always look first at your nose or even bully you. Nose Surgery can reshape your nose & help in getting confidence back.

Why Marmm KliniK For Rhinoplasty

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Board Certified Specialist

At Marmm, we have board certified surgeons who have done hundreds of nose surgery with perfect results.
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Patients Safety

Patients’ safety is our first priority, we deliver world-class professional care to our patients.
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Honesty And Pricing

We charge the cost of surgery only as per the case and requirement of the patients, no hidden costs.


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