Skin Treatment In Indore FAQ

1. I have scars on my face. How many sessions will I need to get rid of them?
2. I have heard Botox is not safe. Is it correct?
3. My stretch marks are about 10 years old. Can I still take the treatment?
4. Is laser hair removal permanent?
5. How many days prior to my wedding should I sign up for a package?
6. How does laser treatment work?
7. What should be avoided during the botox treatment?
8. What are the body areas that can be treated by laser hair removal?
9. How do dermal fillers work?
10. Are dermal fillers safe? Who can take them?
11. How do I decide which kind of treatment is best to get a younger skin?
12. – Do acne treatments leave a scar?
13. What are the risks involved in a skin surgery process?
14. Can I use laser hair removal to sharper my eyebrows?


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