Breast Cancer – one of the most common cancer in females

Breast Cancer – one of the most common cancer in females

Breast cancer is a cancer that occurs in breast tissue changing its size and shape etc. Breast cancer is a second most prone cancer after the skin cancer. It can be observed in both men and women but it is rarely seen in men and commonly seen in women. As per surveys about 2,300 new men get prone to cancer and about 230,000 women get prone to this cancer each year.

Basic of Breast Cancer

Breasts are made up of special glands called lobules. These glands are responsible for making milk for child when a woman is pregnant. The breast do also have pipe like tubes that are known as ducts this ducts carry milk. Breast have tissues, blood, duct and gland that decides its structure when cancer occur all this get disturb and this disturbs the size of the breast.

Breast can either be in ducts or glands. It usually starts from cells which tends them to grow out of control. This in return form tumour and create lumps in the breast. This tumour spread affecting the closed tissues creating serious disease.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

    As soon you feel you are prone to breast cancer you must immediately consult an expert. For this you need to analyze the cancer first. These are some symptoms that can tell you that you are prone to cancer.

  • Sudden change in breast size or shape
  • Fluid, blood or any other discharge from the nipple
  • Lump or swelling in the breast
  • Dimpling on the skin over your breasts
  • Red scaly patches or some sort of rashes on the skin around the nipple
  • Change in appearance of breast
  • Sunken in breast and its skin
  • Some sort of pain or itching
  • Yellow or pale skin over your breast

In final steps breast cancer may lead to loss of breast and can also create tensions in a normal man and women.

Treatments for Breast Cancer

    A patient of breast cancer must immediately consult a surgeon for appropriate treatments this is because delay can cause increasing of cancer as it spread very fast. A breast cancer patient can go for following treatments:

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Biological therapy

The relevant treatment can only be suggested once your cancer has been identified appropriately and its degree is properly analyzed.

Prevention of Breast Cancer:

As per recent studies there are no particular reasons that can said to cause breast cancer. Even when it is not sure that how this can be prevented you can take care of the following things to stay away from cancer:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Do daily exercise
  • Reduce the intake of excess fat
  • Ignore excess alcohol
  • Avoid post- menopausal hormones
  • Avoid birth control pills, particularly after age 35 if you smoke
  • Avoid exposure to radiation and environment pollution
  • Be aware of your family breast cancer history
  • Consider breast feeding instead of formula feeding
  • Do lymphatic drainage massages to the both breast in the morning and evening to eliminate toxins
  • Do not use antiperspirants. Use only organic deodorant or the crystal rock
  • Avoid conventional hormone replacement therapy
  • Get 10-15 minute of sunlight on as much on your body daily, This produce vitamin D and which boost immune system
  • Avoid processes/refined sugar and packed foods

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