Hair Care Tips

Hair is made of protein and keratin with no blood supply or nervous system. Once damaged, the only way to repair the hair is to cut off the damaged length. Hair needs maintenance in order to preserve strength, elasticity, and shine.

Following are hair care tips for men and women:

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Repeated colouring of hair can leave it damaged, dry and dull. Avoid at-home chemical products and seek advice of a good stylist for such services. A stylist knows to prepare hair and choose the best products for specific hair type. Results from a trained professional always look more natural than what can be produced at home.

Use Right Tools

Avoid use of brush on wet hair as wet hair is most vulnerable to damage. While combing wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb and gently work out any tangles. Avoid heated tools such as blow dryers or irons which can damage hair.

Avoid Tight Hats

A tight hat (or ponytail) can cause “traction alopecia,” a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. If worn for a long period of time, the damage can become permanent. A tight hat or ponytail can also cause damage to the cuticle.

Stay Healthy

The condition of hair is often a reflection of the overall health of the body. Eat well, drink plenty of water, have adequate sleep and decrease stress in life. This results in healthy scalp and good looking hair. Staying healthy also increases rate of the growth of hair.

Pat Dry

Towel drying is one of the biggest causes of damage to hair. When hair is wet, it is highly susceptible to damage. When the hair is rubbed with a towel, some of the hairs become tangled in the threads of the towel and become stretched to the breaking point, causing damage to the cuticle (the shingle-like outer layer of the hair) and split ends. For proper drying, shake out the excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows, rather than rubbing the hair with the towel. Drying takes a bit longer this way but after a few haircuts, you’ll notice the difference in the way your hair looks. Blow drying is also a common cause of damage to the hair. Excessive blow drying can dry out the hair and scalp. If you use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray or detangler to coat the hair and protect it from damage, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling, and always leave the hair slightly damp. This will prevent over drying the hair.

Decrease Frizz

Low moisture and protein in the hair can cause frizz. To minimize this problem, use a good moisturizing conditioner. A slick, smoothing serum can be applied to add shine and give the hair a smoother appearance.

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