Medical conditions that should be checked before full laser hair removal

Medical conditions that should be checked before full laser hair removal

Getting rid of unwanted hairs is now easy with the help of Marmm KliniK, a leading clinic for laser hair removal in Indore. The methods used in the clinic are not temporary like waxing or shaving but laser hair removal is known as a permanent solution to the irritating problem. As the name of the method is suggesting, this procedure is performed using laser rays. This is a safe procedure but it is also recommended that you seek for the help of a trained doctor in the process of this procedure. Scarring or dark spots are possible if this procedure is not done in a safe and secure environment.

Proper method of laser hair removal treatment

This procedure is performed with the help of laser rays that are beamed on the required area. The rays remove the hair follicles without making any harm to the skin. Sometimes multiple sessions are required for complete results. Some of the patients have a need for full laser hair removal due to the hair on their whole body and they feel irritated because of the unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is sufficient for such patients to provide them satisfactory results.

Considerable medical conditions before full laser hair removal treatment

Sometimes women cannot recognize the unnatural hair growth that may occur due to hormonal imbalance. For hormonal issues, the women must consult a gynecologist or endocrinologist before having a laser hair removal therapy.

Hormonal imbalance and related issues can be recognized with the help of the following signs:

Skin Problems

Acne issues or oily skin may be a sign of disruptions of certain hormones.


The person facing the hormonal disturbance may be short-tempered and he may face sudden changes in mood.

Irregular periods:

A disturbed menstrual cycle clearly shows the fluctuation of the hormonal level. Most of the time progesterone and estrogen level are disturbed due to the effects of another hormone cortisol.


You do not have any diet plan but you lose or gain your weight suddenly. It may show the changes in the hormone levels. You may observe excessive fat at the belly area and additionally, sleeping disorders or stress may occur at the same time.

Hair loss or unexpected hair growth:

Due to hormonal imbalance, balding, thinning of hair, or unexpected hair growth is possible and hair growth may include the face and chin area.


Fatigue without any clear reason is the sign of disturbed functions of the thyroid gland. In this state, you may feel tired and dizzy every time.

The women, facing hormonally disturbed and excessive hair growth at different parts of the body, should be examined thoroughly by a gynecologist by performing some tests and examinations. Laser hair removal in Indore, however an effective treatment but it may not work for the women facing such problems. Proper treatment is the proper way to deal with these problems.

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