How Hair Transplant Cost Depends On Your Baldness Grade

How Hair Transplant Cost Depends On Your Baldness Grade

Hair Transplant Cost In Indore

Most of the hair loss patients are familiar with the benefits of hair transplant surgery but all of them are not ready to come to the hair restoration clinic for the treatment because of the hair transplant cost in Indore. Such patients do not know that hair transplant is, however, the costly but authentic clinic tries to offer affordable treatments. So, you can make it affordable by visiting an authentic clinic.

Actually, the cost of the hair transplant is not fixed and it may change while you visit more than one clinic for the inquiry. There are several factors that may affect the final price of the surgery. Some of these factors are experience of the surgeon, the place of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, hair transplant technique etc.

But, the most important factor to decide the cost of the treatment is the grade of the baldness. The grade of the baldness shows the level of severity and the cost is decided according to the severity of the disease.

To understand it clearly, it is necessary to know about the progression of baldness, donor area, and different grades of the baldness.

The progression of baldness:

Permanent or male pattern baldness is a serious disease and it shows a distinct pattern as warning signs. The pattern generally starts from affecting the hairline and ends in complete baldness of the scalp. At the peak level of baldness, only a thin layer of hairs remains on the back and sides of the head.

The donor area:

The back and sides of the head are called donor sites because the surgeon uses the hairs of these areas for the hair transplant surgery. The strength of the donor area is extremely important to consider when the surgeon has to decide the candidacy of the patients.

Grades of the baldness:

According to the Norwood scale, the progression of the baldness is divided into seven phases.

A brief description of all the seven stages is explained below:
Stage 1:

At this stage, no hair loss is visible and hairline seems absolutely normal.

Stage 2:

This stage can be treated as a warning sign. This is just the start of the recession of the hairline. Most of the patients are failed to notice the changes.

Stage 3:

This stage shows clear warning signs and the recession of hairline is distinct around the temples. Some patient may lose the hairs on the crown as well.

Stage 4:

The recession of hairline connects with the hair loss at the crown area at this stage. The hair loss at the temples is more severe.

Stage 5:

At this stage, severe thinning of hair takes place and hairs recede regularly in all the parts of the scalp.

Stage 6:

At this scalp hair loss is extremely severe and almost all the parts of the scalp are completely bald.

Stage 7:

Entire scalp is bald and only a thin layer of hair remains on the back and sides of the head.

As you see, the cost of the hair transplant in Indore depends on the grade of the baldness. It is normal that if the grade is 5 or 6, the patient has to pay more than the previous stages. If the grade is 2 or 3, the surgeon has to restore hairline and donor area is also strong, so the patient has a lot of options. Therefore, to save your money, it is better you arrive at the hospital at the start of baldness.

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